About Cheshire East Council

Local Government in Cheshire East

The Council started its life on 1 April 2009, when the former Cheshire County Council, Macclesfield Borough Council, Congleton Borough Council and Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council were abolished. On that date, Cheshire East Borough Council took responsibility for all local authority functions which had previously been dealt with by the County and district councils.

Current Political Balance

We have 82 elected Councillors. Each Councillor represents the residents in their Ward, of which there are 52 in the borough of Cheshire East.

The current political representation is:

  • 50 Conservative
  • 16 Labour
  • 2 Liberal Democrat
  • 14 Independent or Other

Cheshire East Council has a Leader, a Cabinet and a Mayor for Civic functions.

Our Councillors are directly accountable to citizens for the running of the Council. Whilst they have a very broad role, they have a duty to represent the interests of all constituents in their ward. They may also represent the Council on external bodies at national, regional and local levels.

Councillors work closely with employed officers of the Council to develop policies and do other work so that the Council can deliver its vision, and to ensure that services are delivered to residents, businesses and visitors.

Mow Cop

Overall Vision

In planning and developing the future, Cheshire East Council will seek to use its powers, influence and resources to secure a safe, caring and prosperous community with the strategic aim of providing a high quality of life for all residents of Cheshire East.

The vision, together with core values, provide overall; direction to policy making which in turn is developed through a statement of corporate policy and supported with a number of strategies and a three year plan.

Core Values

Putting Residents First – providing a great public service in a radically changing world is something that we are passionate about in Cheshire East. Our promise of ‘Putting Residents First’ is at the centre of this and will be delivered by us all consistently living our five core values which we believe underpin our success.

What our values are and what they mean

Putting Residents First is about really listening and understanding what residents and businesses need and responding appropriately to provide the best possible Service.

This requires Flexibility, which means us all adapting quickly to changing circumstances and learning together from our experiences.

Innovation is about us being creative in our thinking and the way we approach our work and challenging convention where this no longer seems appropriate.

Taking personal Responsibility is at the heart of our values in delivering what we promise, and ensuring efficient use of resources, whether this is our people, funding, processes, information or technology. Bringing this together is Teamwork, respecting and working well with others to collectively achieve the best outcomes for residents and communities.

The Council is rapidly changing and delivering more than ever before and our values reflect what we collectively believe will stand us in good stead in the years to come.

Residents first